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Cat play is a display of hunting behavior, meaning cats stalk, pounce and bite when playing. Here's what causes felines to bite and what to do about it.

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If you’re looking to have a happier, healthier household in the New Year, you’ll want to check out this deal for your pets. Purina ONE is asking dog and cat owners to sign up for a 28-day challenge to see whether your pet is feeling and looking better than ever

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Taking a cat to the veterinarian is hard. They will claw and bite and cry the entire time. But one radio station claims to have the solution. Cat Calm Radio, which is sponsored by the cat food company Whiskas, says the key to calming your kitty is playing the right

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Southwest Airlines will look less like a zoo. Passengers will be allowed to bring only cats and dogs on board as emotional support animals beginning in September, and only one per customer. The animals must be on a leash or in a carrier at all times. Southwest says passengers will

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