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If you have an active pup, you know how hard it can be to keep up with daily runs, games of fetch, tug of war, and training to drain some of that seemingly endless energy. If you’re looking for a way to tire out your dog and improve behavior while keeping them engaged and active, building a home agility course in your own backyard could be the perfect solution. Here’s how to start:

1) Introduce a basic tunnel.

A basic tunnel is a great place to start when it comes to agility training. It’s affordable and straightforward since you can reward your dog with treats or praise when he makes it through to the other side. This regulation size training tunnel from Houseables will sharpen your dog’s dexterity and obedience while providing hours of fun. 

Houseables Dog Tunnel Agility Equipment available from Amazon

2) Work up to weave poles.

Weave poles present a challenge for a lot of dogs, but active pups will be thrilled by the mental and physical stimulation this kind of agility training provides. These stake type weave poles are sturdy enough for big dogs and suitable for small dogs, and they’re easy to install in your backyard.

Triple A Dogs Weave Poles available from Amazon

3) Leap into jumps.

Jumps are another great agility exercise for dogs who never seem to tire. These Lord Anson agility rods come with adjustable height hurdle cones so you can lower the cones for small dogs and raise them to challenge larger pups.

Lord Anson Dog Agility Hurdle Cone Set available from Amazon

4) Challenge balance with a seesaw.

Few dogs immediately love the feeling of instability beneath their feet but daring dogs will love the challenge of a teeter agility toy. This wooden seesaw is under $65, compared to some brands that come in at hundreds.

Relaxadays Colorful Wooden Pet Seesaw available from Amazon

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