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Calming treats can help dogs cope with stress, extra energy

Calming treats can help dogs cope with stress, extra energy

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Tips and tricks from a professional dog trainer with on how to keep your canine pal busy at home during the coronavirus epidemic.

‌Some dogs are naturally more active and boisterous than others, but you’ll also find dogs who are affected by stress and anxiety. Calming dog treats can help de-stress your dog and help him deal with stress, anxiety or excess energy.

Calming dog treats have their place but shouldn’t be used as an alternative to exercise, mental stimulation and training.

It’s important to choose the right option for your dog, so read on to learn more about the best calming dog treats. We’ve also included some recommendations at the end, with LegitPet Calming Hemp Treats for Dogs as our top pick.

Here's what to consider:

Here are some recommendations:

Pets stressed during pandemic? Here are more tips to help

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