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“Tiny houses” are an increasingly popular trend in architecture and minimalist living. All across the country, this small home trend continues to grow on a large scale. These spaces can bring about challenges for pet parents but, luckily, you can have the best of both worlds!  Surprisingly, tiny homes can easily become pet friendly. Here are some hacks to try and create a more pet friendly environment in your smaller living space.

Pre-Planned Crate Storage

Pet crates can already be inconvenient in a normal size home, so it’s no wonder that pet parents may hesitate about moving into a smaller space. If you’re unsure how to organize your new home, try and incorporate an area underneath seating where a crate can fit.  Just make sure your pooch still has easy access to the crate. In addition, spaces can be created under raised beds and underneath counters in the kitchen. The key is to be creative in your organizational plans and look for unconventional ways to utilize your space.

Built-In Feeding Stations

Islands or low shelving spaces provide the perfect opportunity to add openings or slots for food and water bowls to rest inside. Instead of using the side storage area of your island for hanging cooking utensils, you can use the bottom portion to create a permanent eating area for your pet. Choosing to install a low shelf somewhere accessible is also a simple way to build feeding space for your furkids.

Collapsible bowls are also a perfect alternative if you do not have enough space to leave out regular ones. These convenient bowls can expand for use and fold flat for easy storage. You simply use them when you need them, clean them, and store them away until the next meal!

Feline Fun

If you have cats, a unique way to keep them entertained indoors is to add a small shelving ladder on an empty wall for them to climb. You can even build a catwalk in a loft space if you have one. Your curious cats will be able to play out all their energy, and you won't have to purchase space-consuming climbing posts or leave lots of toys laying around to clutter up your space.

Install A Faux Backyard

Adding a fenced-in porch space to your tiny home, accessible for pets through a doggy door, is an easy way to let your furry family members get some fresh air without you having to lift a finger! This space can also benefit you so you’re not indoors all day. A porch area is a simple solution for a “yard” and can also provide fresh air for your tiny home.

Do Away With Some Doors

Installing sliding gates saves more space than trying to open doors in a tiny home. If you don’t want your pup to wander into the bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen area during certain times of the day, then sliding gates will create the barrier you need without requiring an extra space for opening and closing anything.

For those looking to have pets and a tiny home, these tips can start you off on the right track. Many pet parents may think that tiny homes are not realistic when it comes to living in one with their furry family members.  However, many find that with a little organization, planning and creativity, tiny homes provide a perfectly suitable and surprisingly comfortable environment for all!

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