Planning a long road trip with your pet?  Top reasons to secure pet friendly accommodations before you hit the road (image)

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Road trips do move along a bit more slowly when you're traveling with your furry sidekick.  All those potty breaks add up, and hey - you've got four extra legs to stretch! An extended amount of time on the road can mean more hotel stays. It's a good idea to plan beforehand how often you will stop for the night, as well as where you will stop, and when.  Here’s why!

1. Saves You Money

Planning ahead will ultimately help save you some money.  It will not only allow you to shop around for the best room rates, but, since you’re traveling with your pet, you’ll also be able to compare hotel pet fees. Pet fees vary widely depending on the hotel.  Some hotels allow pets to stay for free, while others charge pet fees upwards of $50/night per pet.

2. Find Lodging that’s Best Suited for Your Needs

Many travelers who are taking long road trips tend to hop in the car, drive until they get tired and then look for a hotel to stay for the night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t bode so well when traveling with a pet. Not all of the convenient highway hotels allow pets, and those that do have their own specific pet policies.

Do you have multiple pets, larger pets, uncommon pets, or a pet with special needs? Booking lodging beforehand will allow you to find a place to stay that can best accommodate your pet.  Hotel pet policies vary when it comes to types and number of pets allowed, weight limits, breed restrictions, etc.  Further, booking ahead will allow you to secure a first-floor room or room near an elevator for pets that have trouble with stairs or need frequent potty runs.

3. Your Pet Will be Happier

Although driving ‘til you drop, may work for you, don’t expect your pet to share the same mantra.  You know your pet best, so you can gauge how long he will be happy and content during a car ride - maybe it’s only 4 hours, 8 hours, or somewhere in between.  Pets like routines - they have their times to eat, sleep, and play.  Planning out places to stay along your travel route that will allow your pet to keep his routine and will ultimately make for a happier and more content pet.

To make things even simpler, TripsWithPets offers a search hotels by route feature that will help you find pet friendly lodging at different intervals all along your travel route. Make sure you book well in advance - pet friendly rooms fill up quickly, and you want to be assured there will be a place set aside for you.


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