Leash Belt


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If you can’t get enough time outside with your pup, you need this clever leash belt from Simptech in your life. The hands free adjustable belt snaps around your waist and attaches to a durable training leash.


This hands-free leash is perfect for daily walks, but will definitely be a favorite among runners who love to bring their dog along for daily exercise. It’s also a great pick for new parents, since you can use your hands to push the stroller while you dog is safely secured. If you have a large dog, the leash belt can help you stand firm when your dog starts pulling on walks.

A Safer Leash

The included bungee leash gently extends to a total leash length of 68 inches from 48 inches, and the resistance keeps your dog safe. Whether you have a squirrel chaser or playful new puppy, the bungee leash keeps your dog from damaging their neck when they go from zero to sixty.

Control the Walk

A leash belt doesn’t mean your dog is walking you. Two conveniently placed handles along the waist allow you to quickly guide or correct your dog on walks.

Simptech Leash Belt available from Amazon

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