Discriminating Pet Parents’ Top 5 Hotel Pet Amenities (Image)

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“Pet friendly” is not created equal when it comes to hotels and accommodations. Pet parents are more discriminating than ever when selecting the right “pet friendly” place to stay with their pet. While some hotels simply permit pets, others go above and beyond to make pet guests feel welcome.

A recent TripsWithPets.com survey of people who travel with their pets found that they prefer to stay at accommodations that offer special perks and amenities for their furry sidekicks. Here are the top 5 amenities that score big with pet parents!

1. Extended Pet Services

We all need a little pampering or little extra help now and again - including our pets. Accommodations that offer services to help make you and your pet’s stay that much more special win the hearts of traveling pet parents.

Pet massages and spa treatments, gourmet pet room service menus, and on-site dog parks, are among the pet pampering services that some pet friendly accommodations are offering to set themselves apart. Other services that fall under the “incredibly convenient” category include pet sitting, dog walking, and dog wash stations.

From luxury hotels to B&Bs and vacation rentals, there are a growing number of pet friendly lodging options that offer these types of unique services for their pet guests!

2. Special Dog Potty Section

Let’s face it, to us humans, the most important thing we look for in a hotel room is a clean bathroom. With designated pet relief areas coming in at #2 (pun intended), it’s clearly significant for pet parents to make sure their pups “bathroom” is up to par as well.

Unlike some hotels that offer small patches of grass in between parking spaces for dogs to potty, pet friendly accommodations that provide separate, safe and well-lit dog potty sections complete with pet poop bags and trash cans are favored.

A standout in this category is Candlewood Suites. All their pet friendly locations provide pet guests with designated doggie potty areas - complete with dog waste bags and convenient trash receptacles.

3. A Gift at Check-in

From pet gift baskets and gourmet doggie treats to pet welcome letters and custom leashes -- presenting pets (via their people) with a special “something” at check-in goes a long way in winning their loyalty. This type of gesture, no matter how big or small, sends the message loud and clear that their precious pet is a welcomed guest!

4. Comfy Bedding for Pets

After clean bathrooms, the next thing people look for in a hotel room is clean and comfortable beds. After all, most of the time you spend in your hotel room is for sleeping. Same goes for pets. Traveling can be overwhelming, so having a soft pillow and comfy bed to rest your head is a “must have” for both pet travelers and their people. Hotels that go the extra mile by offering pooches their own snuggly beds are a big hit with pet parents.

Some hotels chains, like Westin, take pet bedding very seriously by providing dog guests with luxury, designer dog beds that match the room decor - including the human beds!

5. Pet-Centric Concierge

People taking trips with their pets want to experience the destination together with their furkids. Hotels that provide the local scoop on where to go and what to do with a pet greatly appeals to those traveling with their four-legged sidekicks. From nearby restaurants and breweries that welcome pet patrons, to sightseeing tours and shops that are pet friendly...a concierge service that’s “in the know” regarding area pet friendly things to do helps to set these hotels apart.

Loews Hotels as well as Aloft are two pet friendly hotel chains that do a great job catering to pet travelers by offering them special concierge services.

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