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The World's Ugliest Dog Contest has a new champion. Meet Scamp the Tramp

Scamp the Tramp's looks have made him a winner — but it wasn't a beauty contest. Check out photos from the 31st annual World's Ugliest Dog … Read more

Meet every World's Ugliest Dog Contest winner since 2002

They might be the "ugliest," but they're still kind of cute. Here's a look at past winners of the famous World's Ugliest Dog Contest.

Animal affection 101: Which creatures kiss, and other ways they show care

Whether it's running as a pack, nuzzles from mother, or an intertwining of bodies, animals show affection in a variety of ways. Let's take …

Children are likely to misread fear in dogs – making a bite more likely

Parents want their children to be kind to animals, but a hug looks very different to a frightened dog.

Man's stressed friend: how your mental health can affect your dog

We know that failing to provide basic care like food and shelter is cruel, but we often overlook how disregarding the mental lives of our pets can also negatively impact their welfare.

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Beware the bufo: Toxic toads are on the march and could kill your pet [Sun Sentinel]

March 27-- Mar. 27--As toads go, they're super big, super ugly and super toxic.

Pythons and toads and monkeys, oh my! Here are Florida's most pesky invasive species. [Tampa Bay Times]

March 27--

Man shoves 4-foot python named Pasta in his pants to steal from pet store, video shows [The Wichita Eagle]

March 27-- Mar. 27--Pasta the 4-foot long ball python was supposed to be adopted the same day that he went missing from a pet store in Mich…